Freak Guitar Clinics in Germany!

Frauenberg — Sat 27.4.2019 18:00   » FMF-Guitars
Treppendorf — Sat 27.4.2019   » Thomann
Frankfurt — Fri 26.4.2019 17:00   » Session
Köln — Thu 25.4.2019 18:00   » Musicstore
Witten — Wed 24.4.2019 19:00   » Rockland Music
Hamburg — Tue 23.4.2019 19:00   » Just Music

It goes without saying, but I am genuinely happy to announce registration for Freak Guitar Camp 2019, is now open.

Everything boils down to the camp and this is where I grow as a musician, level up, surrounded by amazing, curious guitar players from literally every corner of the planet.

Week 1: 29th of July - 3rd of August
Week 2: 6th - 11th of August

For more information, click here.

Freak Kitchen - Confusion To The Enemy

New album! Freak Kitchen released Confusion To The Enemy, our ninth full length record, September 21st. Order the groovy 180 gram, gatefold vinyl here.

Freak Kitchen - Confusion To The Enemy


Freak Kitchen - Confusion To The Enemy

Upcoming gigs and clinics:

* September 9th - 11th, Guitar Summit, Mannheim, Germany
* October 20th - Livestars, Moscow, Russia
* October 21st - Jagger Club, Saint Petersburg, Russia
* October 27th - Nordic Guitar Con, Dals Ed, Sweden
* October 27th - Musikföreningen Garaget, Strängnäs, Sweden
* November 7th - Henry's Pub, Kuopio, Finland
* November 8th - Olympia-kortteli, Tampere, Finland
* November 9th - Katse, Jyväskylä, Finland
* November 10th - On the Rocks, Helsinki, Finland
* November 14th - Svefi, Haparanda, Sweden
* November 18th - DMF, Haderslev, Denmark
* December 1st - Pustervik, Gothenburg, Sweden
* December 7th - Fryshuset Klubben/Arenan, Stockholm, Sweden
* February 1st - Kulisselageret, Horsens, Denmark
* February 2nd - Banehuset, Sommersted, Denmark

More to come.

Growing Your Own Moustache

Over the years, I have received tons of requests for backing tracks to practice guitar playing. So I have picked the best, nastiest, most challenging Freak Guitar Camp tunes to beefy collections of wild songs that will keep your fingers busy for a long time to come.

There's already 7 volumes of Growing your Own Moustache tuition packages! They are releases from the camp vaults: a set of tracks with one version including guitar as I play it, and one without, for you to jam to.

Good fun, challenge yourself!



Freak Guitar - Growing Your Own Moustache Vol 7


On is the evil twin of last year's massive track Off, only ten minutes longer and a great deal more challenging. Packed with exhilarating rhythms and unconventional techniques that will keep you occupied for quite a while.

Volume 7 of Growing Your Own Moustache also contains notation and playback versions of several tunes from Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord and the first Art Metal album.

» Check out the track list

Freaky posts on social media right here!

No Bull Stuff

No Bull Stuff! I am immensely proud to announce there is a brand new online store open with freaky clothing, all organic and toxic free.

My friend and partner, merchandise veteran Andreas Hansen, and yours truly have worked hard to create a brand, a concept with cool apparel as well as a channel to be creative. (I have given birth to the strange Mr Nobs and his irrational stop motion adventures, a lo-fi reason to show the clothing in full HD while having fun). In the future we plan to invite inspired designers from all over the world. First one out is Nukui Bogard and his groovy punk design.

Hope you appreciate this take on what a clothing company can be.

Freak Kitchen are tremendously proud to announce the release of Freak When Spoken To - The Story of Freak Kitchen (Bullet Point Publishing) by Åsa Anastasia Jonsén who spent years and years putting it together, piece by piece. Get it here. Enjoy the read!

The mother of all coffee table books is here and Freak Kitchen are very much part of it! Check out Juanjo Guarnido's Freaky Project, written by Miceal Beausang-O' Griafa (foreword by Disney legend Eric Goldberg, afterword by IA), a 158 page colourful treat to drool over with an amazing insight in the passionate and painstaking work of the ground breaking Freak of the Week video. An tremendously top notch read, take it from us! Available from Big Wow Art

Growing Your Own Moustache VI

The almost twenty minutes long track Off is the flagship in the sixth volume of the Growing Your Own Moustache audio fleet.

Produced, written and recorded by IA. Splendid notation in 34 page pdf booklet by Linus “Mr. Gul” Abrahamson. Mastered by Torben Schmidt.

Growing Your Own Moustache » Check out the tracklist & tuition package

Cooking with Pagans is Freak Kitchen's eighth full length album. The twelve frantic tracks are: Professional Help, (Saving Up for an) Anal Bleach, Come Back to Comeback, I Don't Want to Golf, Once Upon a Time in Scandinavistan, Hide, Private Property, Sloppy, Ranks of the Terrified, Goody Goody, The Mathematics of Defeat and Freak of the Week.

Freak of the Week! We are darn excited and proud to present the animated video from Cooking with Pagans produced by none other than the genius Juanjo Guarnido of Blacksad and Disney fame (also very much responsible for the most groovy album artwork we’ve ever had). A tremendously successful Kickstarter brought in no less than a $140,000 to finance the painstaking, yet rewarding, work of drawing an entire video, frame by frame. We are in extreme gratitude to each and one helping out to make this stunning project come to life! The video premiered at Comic Con in New York in October 2014!

For more news and updates, please visit the Juanjo Guarnido in the Freak Kitchen page on Facebook.

Slop-py-py-py-py-py-py-py-py! Sloppy! Wonderfully shot in inky 4K black and white by photographer Anders Bryngel we wanted a simple, straight band video (and song) as a first presentation of Cooking with Pagans. Hope you like it!

(Saving Up For An) Anal Bleach! The third video from Cooking with Pagans!

Freak Guitar – Growing Your Own Moustache V is beyond a massive download package crammed with thirty useful and demanding tracks, each one with guitar as IA plays it and one stripped version for you to sink your teeth into and grow your own moustache, so to speak.

The fifth volume of the popular series is designed for you to see the big picture, to add way more colours of your sonic palette, not just a pile of empty licks.

Growing Your Own Moustache » Check out the tracklist & tuition package

Prepare to devour! Steve Vai and Favored Nations have released my audio feast Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord worldwide! An intense buffet with no fewer than 40 tracks, served in double disc packaging (with close to two hours worth of nutritious music!) Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord also features a number of prominent, tasty guests: Dweezil Zappa, Fredrik Thordendal, Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, Andy Timmons, Georg “Jojje“ Wadenius, Guthrie Govan, Morgan Ågren, Ranjit Barot, Kiko Loureiro, Jonas Hellborg, Selvaganesh Vinayakram and many more.

The Menu:
Disc 1

1. Amphibians Night Out
2. Musth
3. Mattias - The Beautiful Guy
4. Hells Bells
5. The Smorgasbord
6. Friedrichs Wahnbriefe
7. Sexually Frustrated Fruit Fly Flamenco
8. Daily Grind Disco March
9. Lease With an Option to Buy
10. The Swede and the Wolf
11. Mambo Italiano
12. Mind Your Step (at Schiphol Airport)
13. Crossing the Rubicon
14. That's Amore
15. Keep It in the Dojo
16. Infrared Jed
17. Peter, I Won't Drive Another Meter
18. Larvatus Prodeo
19. Blaha Blaha
20. Lullaby for Gabriel

Disc 2

1. In the Goo of the Evening
2. The Dogs of Delhi
3. Special Agent Bauer
4. Mahavishnu John
5. The Harry Lime Theme
6. Dark Matter
7. Trumpet Lesson
8. Mandur and Morgan's Camel Safari
9. Shore Thing
10. Captain Smith's Moment of Truth
11. Mah Ná Mah Ná
12. The Nigerian Gynecologist
13. 6 Rue Cordot
14. Kali Ghat
15. Safe to Remove Hardware
16. Did You Actually Pay for That?
17. Those in Badiyah
18. The Essence of Emptiness
19. Meralgia Paresthetica
20. Guano Afternoon

Keeping my Viking fingers crossed you will enjoy (and be able to digest) this beefy record! I had a ball producing it!

Get your copy here:

Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), iTunes, CD Universe, Abstract Logix, CDON (Sweden), CDON (Norway), CDON (Denmark), CDON (Finland), Ginza (Sweden), E-shop

Musth - the first video from Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord is shot in Kathmandu, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, New York City, Johannesburg and Brisbane.

Hells Bells! The second video from Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord, performed on a True Temperament fret equipped Alhambra Iberia (plus Beijing hotel room doorbell, shaker and Moroccan percussion).

Blaha Blaha! The third video from Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord is now out there, with yours truly at the age of three, doing some intense Swedish swearing!

Crooner Metal Punk! That’s Amore! The fourth video from The Smorgasbord. Watch yours truly sing, dance and harass the innocent people of Rome and the Vatican in Dean Martin’s timeless classic.

Amphibians Night Out is the fifth video from Freak Guitar - The Smorgasbord, entirely shot in Mulshi, India and featuring lovely frog art by Juanjo Guarnido and Anders Nyberg.

My absolutely stunning new signature model from Caparison Guitars - The Apple Horn 8 (AH8)! Read more about this lovely beast.

The Jazz Raj is a Jonas Hellborg trio recording continuing his collaboration with IA and introducing drummer Ranjit Barot.

The music is seamlessly bonding Western and Indian improvised music while avoiding the stylistic cliches that are so often the pitfalls of this type of music.

The Jazz Raj continues the tradition of the Bass/Drums/Guitar trios that Hellborg has been fronting for more than 2 decades featuring wonderful musicians such as Shawn Lane, Buckethead, Michael Shrieve and Jeff Sipe.

The tracks on the record are 2 half hour extended compostions with sections inter-related thematically using western interpretation of Indian Ragas.

It is a genre defying work, it is Jazz Metal and Indian music but primarily music for the pleasure of listening.
Out now through Bardo Records!

Got smoking leads but make uncontrollable spasms when trying to groove over, say, 11/4? Can you take it away at warp speed all over the fret board but risk breaking your ankle keeping time with your foot while playing odd groupings?

Well, then the fourth edition of the popular Freak Guitar – Growing Your Own Moustache download tuition series is something for you.

Growing Your Own Moustache » Check out the tracklist & tuition package