Freak Pets

I find a constant source of inspiration in my freak pets; Bardo the (gigantic) male German shepherd, Panja, the (not so gigantic) female German shepherd and White-Paw the cat. They crack me up on a daily basis and I adore just hanging out together in the woods of Sweden, where we live.
The Eklundh family have had many animals over the years: Sascha, Kitty and Maya (dogs), Lava and Ernst (cats) and Stampe (rabbit). As heart breaking as it is when they pass away it�s such a sheer joy to live next to these stunning creatures the short time we have together. I have a strong need to be close to animals. They make life understandable. They�re not full of shit. They don�t care about your greasy hair or social media.

Bardo and his favourite toy, inspected by a suspicious Panja

Panja the pretty

Bardo is totally losing it after Panja harassed him one time too many�

Bardo the dog, eager to dig in

Sascha, a one of a kind dog that hung in there for nearly sixteen amazing years

Our beautiful Beauceron Maya, a French lady with an enormous power and dignity

Kitty (German shepherd/Rottweiler) a mighty lovely dog, to say the least, in the Swedish snow