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Frank Zappa - "To Martias"

An autographed SAS postcard from FZ, signed in 1981 to a confused, but very proud twelve year old kid; "Martias" (yours truly).

I first saw Frank Zappa in 1981 (I was twelve then) and I didn't understand a thing of the music being performed.
All the songs were strung together as one composition, the audience had to sit down all the time (whenever someone got too carried away and started to dance Frank told them gently to get back to their seat so him and the band could continue "to play music").
My buddy Jörgen, whom I went to the concert with, bought the Frank Zappa album "Sheik Yerbouti" and neither of us understood it either and put it away.

A couple of maturing years later I bumped into "Overnite Sensation" and things changed monumentally. I couldn't believe the coolness of the songs on that record combined with the superb musicianship and most important of all: attitude. Unlike some quasi-complicated fusion-crap, Zappa always had a point with his sometimes extremely complex tunes. This really appealed to me and over the years I have bought every Zappa record available and got to see him a second time in 1988.

There's a Zappa record for every mood. My fingers search over the CDs on the shelf for the record(s) of the day. It's like the Cronenberg movies or Tintin comics, when you've listened, watched or read through all of them, go back and begin forward.