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If you feel you waste your life day after day and need something to give you an almost monumental perspective, wolves might be the cure for you!

My wife, Camilla, has always had an interest in wolves. But, of course, since these beauties are so shy, she never met one close. At her birthday I arranged for us to spend some time together with four full-grown males at Kolmårdens Djurpark in Sweden.

We were both so incredibly excited we had a hard time keeping our cool. I tell you, when you are face to face with one of these furry pieces of art, it's almost bloody religious!

The more I travel, the more I realize Sweden is a stunning place to live. As any country though, we do have our flaws. Government wolf policy for instance. We have very few wolves in my native country, many of them inbred (crossed-eyed, playing the banjo). Nobody lives in Sweden. There is room for everyone. Despite this many see the animal as the incarnation of all things evil. It simply must die. Such mediaeval thinking more than a decade into the 21st century is simply moronic. Worry about your kids doing drugs and showing their sex organs on the Internet instead.